Key Machines

Tiger Shark

The Tiger SHARK™ features a new user-friendly design utilizing time-tested components and engineering. The on-board computer eliminates the need for an ancillary computer. Annual updates by SD Card or CD keep data relevant. Extensive code database for automotive, padlock and furniture keys; complete database of lock manufacturers specifications for commercial and residential direct digit keys; and vast key blank cross reference make the Tiger SHARK™ suitable for independent and institutional locksmiths.


The CodeMax® has an internal computer chip that contains Depth & Space Data (DSD) for more than 950 different lock types, plus a micrometer function in both inch and metric formats. This allows it to cut virtually all standard vehicle, commercial, residential and furniture keys throughout the world.


The Blitz™ machine can cut virtually all standard pin and disc tumbler keys, as well as many specialty keys. The Blitz™ machine is simple to use and very versatile.

Switch Blitz

The Switch Blitz™ is equipped with the latest features. It comes with the unique Quick Nut on the cutter shaft that allows for changing cutters without using any tools.

Punch Machine

The Punch Machine™ is all-inclusive. It comes complete with 104 code cards (including 4 micrometer cards) and 3 punch & die sets, making it ready to cut most commercial, residential, automotive and furniture keys right out of the box.